An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire XP Information

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire was designed to run on DOS which is only on Windows 95/98 operating systems. If you are using Windows XP then the best way to get it working is to use a DOS Emulator. One such Emulator (called DOSBox) has a build version which enables Battlespire to work on Windows XP.

The version build is available here:

Click Here To Download DOSBox CVS

Once you download it, then unzip it into a folder then please follow these instructions:

1. Install Battlespire
2. Then patch it with the latest V1.5 Patch

Click Here To Download V1.5 Patch

3. Start DOSBox CVS
4. Type cd batspire and press Enter
5. Type spire and press Enter

The Game should now work on Windows XP

This solution (while it worked on our XP) hasn't been comprehensively playtested so we would appreciate if you could provide us any feedback at:

- Thankyou!

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