When I think of Michael Jackson the first word that comes
into my mind is 'genius'. Michael's songs are beautiful and
always an uplifting experience. His voice is immaculate and
breathtaking at times. It doesn't matter how many times
you listen to him you still get the same sensational feelings.
It gets so you notice every subtle change in his wonderful

The two songs I love most for vocals are 'Earthsong' and
'Can You Feel It'. 'Earthsong' is a delight to the ears it's
Michael at his most passionate the vocals are energetic,
beyond belief. 'Can You Feel It' shows dramatically how
good Michael is. His brothers are fine singers, one of them
starts the vocals but Michael comes in and lifts the song to
a whole new dimension!

The lyrics this man writes! His songs are like fantastic
poems each verse perfect. I often wonder how he can
write such words but I know it's got to be due to his
incredible mind, which is full of fantastic adventures
and experiences. He sees things many people won't
ever see, he writes things many people wouldn't even

His dancing! Wow his moves depict brilliance. Every
move is like a fine piece of artwork. My favorite is
'Billie Jean' it is the embodiment of dance. When I
see him 'moonwalk' I'm still breathless in amazement.
When you think when in concert not only does he sing
but he dances as well! How does he do it? What a

Michael the person. There is little doubt that Michael's
heart belongs to the children of the world. He
constantly gives his time and money to enrich their lives.
A lot of what he does goes unnoticed by the media. This
doesn't stop him he has an incredible determination and he
knows what is right. You can't fail to like Michael his
personality shines for everyone. Yes he's shy but we all
see his cheeky smile and hear his little giggles hehehe….

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my wife and best friend Desiree. Also to my other friends
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individually because I'm not sure who's some of
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