Got to Be There-Motown/Got to Be There/1971
Rockin' Robin-Motown/Got to Be There/1972
I Wanna Be Where You Are-Motown/Got to Be There/1972
Ain't No Sunshine-Motown/Got to Be There/1972
With a Child's Heart-Motown/Music & Me/1973
Morning Glow-Motown/Music & Me/1974
Music & Me-Motown/Music & Me/1974
We're Almost There-Motown/Forever Michael/1975
One Day in Your Life-Motown/Forever Michael/1975
Just a Little Bit of You-Motown/Forever Michael/1975
Ease on Down the Road-MCA/The Wiz/1978
You Can't Win-CBS Epic/from MCA's The Wiz/1978
Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough-CBS Epic/Off the Wall/1979
Rock With You-CBS Epic/Off the Wall/1979
Off the Wall-CBS Epic/Off the Wall/1980
She's Out of My Life-CBS Epic/Off the Wall/1980
Girlfriend-CBS Epic/Off the Wall/1980
One Day in Your Life-Motown/One Day in Your Life/1981
The Girl is Mine-CBS Epic/Thriller/1982
Billie Jean-CBS Epic/Thriller/1983
Beat It-CBS Epic/Thriller/1983
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'-Happy Motown/18 Greatest Hits/1983
Human Nature-CBS Epic/Thriller/1983
Say Say Say-Columbia/Pipes of Peace/1983
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)-CBS Epic/Thriller/1983
Thriller-CBS Epic/Thriller/1983
Farewell My Summer Love-Motown/Farewell My Summer Love/1984
Girl You're So Together-Motown/Farewell My Summer Love/1984
I Just Can't Stop Loving You-Sony Epic/Bad/1987
Bad-Sony Epic/Bad/1987
The Way You Make Me Feel-Sony Epic/Bad/1987
Man in the Mirror-Sony/Epic 1988
Get It-Motown/Characters/1988
25 Miles-Motown/The Original Soul of Michael Jackson
Dirty Diana-Sony Epic/Bad/1988
Another Part of Me-Sony Epic/Bad/1988
Smooth Criminal-Sony Epic/Bad/1988
Leave Me Alone-Sony Epic/Bad (CD only)/1989
Liberian Girl-Sony Epic/Bad/1989
Black or White-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1991
Remember the Time-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1992
In the Closet-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1992
Jam-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1992
Heal the World-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1992
Who Is It-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1993
Give in to Me-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1993
Will You Be There-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1993
Gone Too Soon-Sony Epic/Dangerous/1993
Scream-Sony Epic/1995
You Are Not Alone-Sony Epic/1995
Earth Song-Sony Epic/1995
They Don't Care About Us-Sony Epic/1996
Stranger in Moscow - Sony Epic/1996
Blood on the Dance Floor - Sony Epic/1997
You Rock My World - Sony/2001

Got to Be There-Motown/1972
Music & Me-Motown/1973
Forever Michael-Motown/1973
The Best of Michael Jackson-Motown/1973
Off the Wall-CBS Epic/1979
Michael Jackson -- Superstar Series Vol. 7-Motown/1980
One Day in Your Life-Motown/1981
Thriller-CBS Epic/1982
E.T. The Extra-terrestrial-MCA/1982
Ain't No Sunshine-Motown/1982
Greatest Original Hits-CBS Epic/1982
Motown Flip Hits-Motown/1983
Farewell My Summer Love-Motown/1984
The Great Love Songs of Michael Jackson-Motown/1984
The Hit Cassette-CBS Epic/1984
Motown Legends -- Michael Jackson-Motown/1985
Michael Jackson Anthology-Motown/1986
Looking Back to Yesterday-Motown, 1986
Bad-Sony Epic/1987
The Michael Jackson Mix-Motown/1987
The Original Soul of Michael Jackson-Motown/1988
Vintage Gold Series-Motown/1988
Solid Gold-Sony Epic/1989
Dangerous-Sony Epic/1991
HIStory, Past, Present, and Future -- Book I-Sony Epic/1995
Blood on the Dance Floor/ HIStory In The Mix - Sony Epic/1996
Invincible - Sony/2001

Special Collectors Editions
9 Singles Pack-CBS Epic/1983
Souvenir Singles Pack-Sony Epic/1988
Tour Souvenir Pack-Sony Epic/1992
Off The Wall (Album) - Sony/2001
Thriller (Album) - Sony/2001
Bad (Album) - Sony/2001
Dangerous (Album) - Sony/2001

Moonwalker The Storybook-Doubleday/1988
Dancing The Dream: Poems and Reflections-Doubleday/1992

The Wiz/1978
Making Of Thriller/1983
Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever/1983
We Are The World : USA for Africa-RCA/Columbia/1985
Captain Eo/1986
Moonwalker-MJJ Epic/1988
Michael Jackson : The Legend Continues-Optimum Productions/1989
Dangerous : The Short Films-Epic/1993
Grammy's Greatest Moments V.1/1994
Video Greatest Hits : HIStory/1995
History On Film, Vol II-Epic 1997
Ghosts 1997