fan poetry

Here is the fan letters poetry page. I love the way Michael inspires his fans to create such great works and be so gifted. If you have a poem you want included on here please send it. It doesn't have to be about Michael, just inspired by him while you've been listening to a song, thinking about him etc...

Let Her Go

Oceans will dry, Mountains will fall,
In the end I will have it all,
I alone will grasp the whole,
I am not afraid, I'll reach my goal.

Though the schemes of evil are strong,
I will persevere, I will last long,
I won't be bribed, I won't be bought,
Who are you, what gave you the thought?

I am strong, you are weak
It was over, at the first slap of the cheek.
You are the one who went,
It is your mind that is bent,

You took a swing at my heart,
But you had to miss,
And now forever you will bare my hiss.

Now you've lost, you're in the end,
I will follow through every twist and bend.
My burden you will bare,
It is your fault, you were there.

I laid it out, I tell the truth,
Now your sorry, you act aloof,
You think your hip, but you're the goof.

You wonder why,
Well it's because you made me cry,
I won't take you back,
It's no use, don't try.

And Oh the Oceans will dry, and the Mountains will fall,
I've got myself, I have it all.
You're sorry now for what you did,
But you're the one that had to rid,
Yourself of me, my love, my trust,
The game is over, you lose, you bust.

(inspired by "Who is it?") By Justin Jarratt

Think Of A World

Just think of a world, a world without tears,
Where a man can live a million years
With never a grief, an ache, or a pain,
And never a thought of dying again

Think of a world, when a man plants a vine,
He can sit in its shade and say "This is mine."
He will live in the house his own hand has made,
And naught shall molest, or make him afraid

Think of a world without bloodshed and strife,
Where no man dare take another man's life.
Where man unto man will unite in peace,
And malice and hatred forever more cease.

Think of the Earth as a global paradise,
Where Mountain and desert will dazzle your eyes,
With beautiful flowers and shrubbery and trees,
With gay butterflies, songbirds, and bees.

Think! Just as sure as God's word is the truth,
A man shall return to the days of his youth.
His flesh shall become as the flesh of a child,
And the words that he speaks will be cheerful and mild.

Think of a world where a lame man will leap
From crag to crag like a deer or a sheep.
where none will be deaf or none will be blind,
And the dumb shall sing and speak forth his mind.

Think of a world where each man is his brother,
Not esteeming himself above that of another.
Where man unto man will be friend to friend,
In a world without tears, that will never end.

Think of a world where the dead will have risen,
From their silent tombs that hold them in prison.
To forever live to love and caress,
Their loved ones and friends in righteousness

Now a "world without tears" is not just a dream,
As many a person might make it seem.
For just as sure as the Bible is true,
A world without tears now lies before you.

And since such a world before you now lies,
Wouldn't you like to live in such a paradise?
And share all the blessings that God has in store,
For all who would do his will evermore.

Goods news of the Kingdom is still being sung,
Throughout every nation, kingdom and tongue.
And all who are thirsting for Truth are invited,
To join the New World Society and be united.

In praising our God, our savior and King,
And giving to Him all we have, everything;
That we might live through endless years,
In a world without sorrow, "A WORLD WITHOUT TEARS."

Whether you remember or not Michael, I love you and will always love you. The only people above you are my children and Jehovah. Be safe Michael...

By Jeff (Aigner)

Like A Tale

The bright bordered
the blue horizon shyly,
thousands of jewels sprouted
on the lulled mantle of the night.

Looking at the sky I closed my eyes
becoming immortal so much beauty in me,
in that moment
Something granted me its presence
going round me completely
like in a melted embrace.

I lowered my head slowly
while my eyes kept closed
and my lips mirrors
that reflected the pleasant smile
of the everlasting lover
waiting for his loved one.

He was,
The Wind's Knight
who with sweet and warm whispers
started velvetely
to mumble by my side :

"Keeping the promise
that in your dreams I offered,
I'm here my Dame
to tell you a story
that I carry in my wings,
with it I ride around the World
looking for the pure heart
deserving to shelter it"

His essence convered me again
but this time with candour and brusqueness
trying prove
His power in the immensity

"Now, Dear Lady,
you just must listen to it
but when I was finished
one alliance you'll confide me."

He took my hands between his uncorporeals
making that my eyes woke up of their dream
and my heart feeling
all that he came to confess
before he pronounce a word…

"A little Star of fine light
was born there above, in the firmament,
Blue Space for He
and cape of dreams for you, my girl.

His life started to beat
around six sparkling morning stars
that playing in the Little Bear
and cradle by two flashing suns
that radiate him their heart, energy
and protection.

Inseparable lights shining
in time of one sound
and later came together
two beautiful comets;
One of them
with an incredible and radiant trail
accomplice twin of the Star
that enlighten his smile
In unsheltered nights.

The Star felt
His great Mission,
His Heart like guide
and His Soul, map of dreams.

Certain of his design
He created and marked his orbit
hard sometimes
but sweetened always
for something that stole his existence…
down his feet its stayed…
Blue Vault that bewitched
with his ineffable beauty and glow,
magic gifts emanated
from that Blue Planet
making his beats
throb in unison,
theirs sparkles became one.

The Star's melody
fused with every part of the Sphere
illuminating the blue colour in the sky,
perfuming the Herald of the Wind.

The fantasy and illusion
in his heavenly dance
fascinated and charmed
to every mortal
that his shine saw,
light's points in the sky's stage
and splendour across eternity.

My young Lady,
this is His legacy :

The Music and Dance
that was born in his Heart
don't stop never
and will live in immortality
because in others hearts it will be
and write stay in every nook of this Land.

For that my whiteness girl
I'm here this night with you;
now, the melody that my blow brings
is on you too…
And is your turn… promise me:

You'll extend this story, His Story,
with your brightness Heart
to all the humanity
so They will know and share
His admirable life and essence.

I kiss your hand in token of
protection and farewell,
commending my complete existence
to your favour,
But remember…


I´ll be with you forever
closed to your heart,
involving you in my arms,
lighting you with my star's lustre
or delighting you in my melody.

Your Forever:



My soul is so proud
keeping my day-dream's alliance
on this way;
The Wind is inexhaustible,
The shinning of Stars endless,
So, His Legend will continue
For always…

Is on Your too…

Your Damsel : Inés María Mora Herrera.

By Inés María Mora Herrera

Why Do I Admire You

Why do I admire You
if we all are of a same Image.
Everlasting Image that playing conjugates,
unintentionally, the memory and the resemblance.

I admire You for the Sun,
unequalled lightness that your interior sparkles;
your Heart, incessant splendour.

I admire You for the Sea,
eternal silent caress that shelter copious lives;
your Smile, infinite dumb illusion to the World.

I admire You for the Wind,
courteous embrace that whispers its company;
your Hands, refuge of sweetness to protect.

I admire You for the Stars,
restless observers from a lull veil;
your Eyes, brilliant morning stars in every space.

I admire You simply,
For the Creation, that You Are.

By Inés María Mora Herrera


Two Hearts
Two very difference worlds
Each separated by hurt
As one watches the other unwind
The other, confused and ill-hearted
Clings to the other for support…
Never to be Parted.

Two Minds
Each with their own views
Both fight within their own for truth
Both make a promise to help the other through
They intertwine with knowledge so great…
They Begin A-New

Two Lives
Each busy with their own
Trials and obstacles plague them both
Distance separates them
Pain brings out the truth, and stories told…
Their Love Shall Never Be Sold

(inspired by "I just Can't Stop Loving You") By Desiree Lewis


Friendship is as fragile as glass
Don't let it break
Don't let chances pass

Hold your friends dear
Lend them a tear
They shall be here for you

When it comes to pain
They're like a drain
They make your visions clear
Take away all the pain and fear

Friends are as dear as family
They care for you and will be there till your dying day

When you find a friend do not let go
Don't let them run and hide,
Make sure your feelings show
Cause a true friend will always be there
Just to show you how much they truly care

I'm your friend.

(Dedicated to a dear friend)

(inspired by "Will You Be There") By Desiree Lewis


I want to know
Where do you go
When the stars are high
And the sun is low

Do you look up at the ceiling and dream of me
While I look up at the stars and think of thee
Do you close your eyes and reach high
As my love showers you, like rain drops from the sky

Do you feel the chills on your face
And does your heart begin to race
As you feel me caress you at an ungodly pace
Down your body I kiss and savor your taste

Do you lean up to hold me
And see I'm no where near
Does your heart slowly sink
Does your mind race with fear
As you lye in your bed and think

"I wish I wasn't dreaming"
I want to know
Do you do what I do
Cry inside and ACHE for you.

(written while listening to Yana) By Desiree Lewis

Time Passes

Time Passes by as the earth stands still
People running and jumping at their own free will
As time flies by I sit and wonder
Why is our love like the brilliant thunder

Why does it come and go like the snow
falls from the sky with an unlimited flow
I love you like the trees love the rain
To release them of all their aches and pain

Sean light up your face with gladness
although we're far away hide all that sadness
Smile and be thankful for tomorrow
that we'll still be together, despite the sorrow

I love you Sean with all my heart
though our love at times may seem tart
don't let it die let it soar
and together we'll be.... forever more.

(written while listening to Yana) By Desiree Lewis

Have You Ever

Have you ever looked to the sky
And swear you saw your lovers eyes?

Have you ever opened your eyes in bed
And seen your lovers image fade away?

Have you ever held your hand to the ceiling
And swear on high you felt your lovers touch?

I've done all those things
And it hurts oh so much
And listen to my heart sing
Songs of sorrow
As I long for another tomorrow
To have you with me
Have you ever….

(inspired by Yana) By Desiree Lewis