Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Information

Please follow the instructions included to install the Jurassic Park Operation Genesis XP Patch.

Click Here to Download the Patch

To Install the Patch do the Following:

Download the Patch to the JPOG folder which is located here:

  • C: (hard drive)
  • open the Program Files folder
  • then open the Universal Interactive folder
  • then open the Blue Tongue Software folder
  • then open the Jurassic Park Operation Genesis folder
  • then open the JPOG folder

  • Save it over the original file. Once this is done the game is patched, but the shortcut on your desktop is not and still won't work, so go ahead and delete the shortcut on your desktop.

    If you would like to create a new shortcut on your desktop go to:

  • C: (hard drive)
  • Program Files
  • Universal Interactive
  • Blue Tongue Software
  • Jurassic Park Operation Genesis
  • JPOG

  • Right Click on the File named SIMJP and select Create A Shortcut and move that shortcut to your desktop.

    The Game is now completely patched and should work perfectly. To Start the game click on the shortcut on your desktop or you can start the game using the Program Icon you just modified.