One of my friends said I should let people know more about myself to make my websites a touch more personal. So here goes, I hope you find me interesting and if you do then e-mail me at moonwalker@connectfree.co.uk telling me more about yourself too :o) You can also contact me on ICQ number - 42092991.

Me & My Girl :)

Name: Sean which is the Irish for John, developed from the French 'Jean'.

Nickname: Superman and James Bond 008 (um a private joke!).

Country: I live in the USA now but I was born and I spent most of my life in the UK. I lived in the beautiful county of Derbyshire. My dad was born in Southern Ireland and my ancestors were aristocracy there, so if you want you can call me Sir!

My Coat of Arms

Coat Of Arms: This is the coat of arms for my family in Ireland. The coats of arms is set on a white background which traditionally is the heraldic color of purity, integrity and peace. The black saltire (or `X'-shaped cross) denotes a Knight of constant and resolute faith. Above the saltire are two nettle leaves, with a third leaf below. Nettle leaves are said to be symbols of an esteemed and educated Man.

Greatest Moments:
1. My first Michael Jackson concert in 1993 during the Dangerous Tour at Roundhay Park, Leeds, England. It was just incredible, I became an MJ fan for life that day. Most things I do, I have certain expectations about, the concert went past anything I could have imagined and it literally changed my outlook on life in a single moment.
2. Visiting Florida, USA and Disneyland with my sister Rebecca - twice. Visiting America is a dream come true for most people, we see everything American in films nearly every day and to feel it, to enjoy it, is very special. Disneyland is a place of dreams, a place where everyone becomes a child, more open minded and friendly. Me and my Sis watched Captain Eo starring Michael Jackson at least 50 times, we clapped and cheered each time. Yey!
3. Finding my best friend and the girl I love called Desiree. She is so special I struggle at times to tell her how much she means to me. At Christmas (2000) I kept a promise I had made to her a long time ago and I bought her a ring. I wasn't sure what exactly the ring meant, I know I wanted it to be a symbol of our friendship but also so much more. As usual Desiree sorted everything out for me, she said it was a promise that I loved her and it's true because I do. She also put it straight on her wedding ring finger which was the greatest compliment I could have had. I'm so proud and happy but that's how she makes me feel all the time :o) Her present to me? She gave me her heart, all written beautifully in a lovely binded book with an engraved rose on the front. I've never received a present so personal from anyone before but that's Desiree, she knows how to reach inside me into my soul.
4. Visiting Washington, USA and spending time with my girlfriend Desiree. This was the best week of my life so far, without doubt. To be in someones company and knowing you can be your total self is the greatest feeling. Desiree and I, we get on so well and there is a love between us which I know I've never felt before with anyone. I realised that I needed Desiree in my life forever, so on February 1st at Lake Quinalt, Washington - I asked her to marry me. She said "yes" :o))
5. On Friday April 13th the biggest dream of my life came true, I married Desiree. I can't explain what it means to be married to someone like Desiree, only that she makes my life complete and I am the happiest I've ever been. For our honeymoon we went to Cyprus and we are now making our home in the state of Washington, USA.

Best Personality Traits: My wonderment, intelligence and kindness.

Worst Traits: I'm way to sensitive and it causes me relationship problems. I know it's a good trait really but only to people that take the time to understand. I'm also very strong minded and determined so don't f*ck with me!

Best Features: I don't concentrate much on a persons looks, I believe strongly that what a person is comes from how good they are inside and how this translates into how they treat others. I also believe you should never criticise anyone over their looks and if you haven't something positive to say about another person then you shouldn't bother speaking. Having said all that, Desiree my wife insists that my best features are my eyes which are blue and my lips. She says women would die to have lips like mine lol!

Favorite Words: Fricken, frickin, blek, yey, dude, blar, um, hey, ermmm, mmmmmmh (I don't care if all these are real words or not) lol!

Interesting questions: How do clocks know what time it is? Why is some poodles poop white? Did anyone realise Red Rum name, (the three-time English Grand National horse race winner) spelled backwards is 'murder'? Do women really trump? Can Keanu Reaves act? Does anyone know Janet Jackson's phone number?

1. To work in computers, building, repairing them and be involved in website design.
2. To go on holiday someday to Australia and Canada.
3. To have friends who love me for who I am.


My Girl : This is my wife and my best friend. Isn't she beautiful? She's more than that she makes me feel like a special person. Her kindness, love and devotion are something I've never experienced from anyone before. Every day I feel lucky that I found her. I love you Desiree :o)

Admired Males:
The male I most admire is Michael Jackson. He sets a fine example to us all on how to behave. It's rare, despite all the undeserved criticism he gets that he will come out and attack anyone openly. He has shown the world how much he cares, there is no star who gives his all to humanitarian causes more than Michael and his love for children is without question. As a musician, dancer and lyric writer he can only be described as an absolute genius and I admire his talent immensely. With all is new projects, he is proving that he is a really intelligent and fine business man . If you want to have a role model there could be no one finer than Michael Jackson.
Other males I admire: Dr Phil McGraw:- He is the life strategist on Oprah and his insights into life are incredible. Don Henley:- His lyrics for his songs are some of the most thought provoking ever. Dennis Leary:- He is just so fricken funny and his humor slays me, every time no matter how much I hear it! Hehehehe......


Admired Females:
Oprah! Oprah! Yes I admire Oprah Winfrey more than any other female except my wife Desiree (sorry Oprah but she made me say it lol!). Oprah came from very humble beginnings and a terrible childhood to become one of the most intelligent and respected women in the world today. She has had tremendous struggles, even as an adult but she has learned and is an example of how self love and knowledge can make you prevail eventually. I listen to her words sometimes and I'm shocked at the amount I can learn. Her new spiritual journey shows are a gift to everyone who is prepared to learn more about themselves. Oprah was once asked what is the favorite thing that she likes to do. She replied "I love sitting on my porch with a glass of lemonade and a great book. That for me is bliss". Now that is from a woman who is most likely a billionaire and she still has her feet, firmly on the ground!
Other females I admire: Janet Jackson:- Janet has come from behind the shadow of her brothers and shown us all she is talented in her own right. She is a magnificent example to all young people as she has never shunned important issues. She's one of the leaders as far as aids awareness is concerned. I also admire how genuine she is with everyone. I've heard stories from fans who say she really cares and she will take the time to talk to everyone.


Favorite Football Team (Soccer): Barcelona, Spain. My favorite player is Rivaldo, he's Brazilian and in the year (2000) he was made the World and European Player of the Year. Oh I have such good taste :)

Favorite Sports: Aikido and Football (Soccer). Aikido is a Japanese martial art and when the moves are in full flow it looks unbelievable. It's also a great sport to practice with huge benefits physically and spiritually. Football (Soccer) has always been my passion I use to play it every day when I was a child. I have always had a powerful shot and the goalies run out of the way in fear of the pain of the ball hitting them lol!

Venus Williams

Favorite Sportswoman: The greatest woman athlete I've seen is Venus Williams. She is incredible, her movement on a tennis court is unbelievable and she has now taken tennis to a whole new level with her fantastic wins at Wimbledon etc... Hey and her sister Serena is very good too and both of them are really beautiful girls.

Famous Sportsman: You need proof that us Brits are tough? Steve Redgrave is the greatest Olympic endurance athlete of all time. He has done something no other person has done and wons 5 gold medals in successive Olympics. As far as we Brits are concerned that makes 2000 our Olympics!

Favorite Music: When I listen to music it has to have lyrics that have a strong meaning and great vocals. I don't have a type of music preference.

Mariah Carey

Music Artists/Bands: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, 112 and The Eagles (also Don Henley solo stuff).

Computer Games: I've got a Playstation 2! If you are into computers games but you also like DVD films then there's nothing better than a PS2. My favorite games so far are Onimusha, Red Faction, Tekken Tag, Gran Tourismo-3 and NHL 2001. My all time favorite games on any system are Final Fantasy VII, The Sims and Championship Manager. Final Fantasy is more than a computer game it's a spiritual journey for the character. It's fantastic! The Sims is a game of life where you control the often crazy acting, sims people. They have a habit of setting themselves on fire and peeing where they stand - amongst other things lol! I downloaded celebrity sims of Michael and Janet Jackson with a castle for them to live in (cosy). Championship Manager is where you can manage any football (soccer) team and it's just addictive! My team is always Barcelona and we kickass!@!

Favorite Films: Breathless, Fried Green Tomatoes, Apocalypse Now, While You Were Sleeping, Little Princess and Legends of the Fall. Breathless stars Richard Gere, he's a small time criminal and he steals a car so he can go see a girl he met while he was on holiday. On the way there he gets chased by the cops and he accidently shoots and kills an officer. He is then on the run but he's desperate to find the girl. When he first finds her she doesn't really want to know him but his charm and sincerity eventually make her heart melt. The girl decides she loves him and they both go on the run but she has her doubts because she thinks they will get caught and he will get hurt so she tells the cops where he is. The climax is where the cops are closing in and he is asking the girl if she loves him. She says "no" but he knows she does - the girl thinks by giving him up, she will save his life. The last scene is where there is a gun on the ground and a cop is ready to shoot him if he goes to pick it up.........Now you gotta go watch the film to find out what happens!!

TV Shows: Star Trek TNG, X-Files, Dawsons Creek, Emmerdale (Uk soapie), Oprah and Stargate SG-1.

Melissa Joan-Hart

Actors/Actress: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Melissa Joan-Hart and Helen Hunt.

Favorite Food: Caribbean style pizzas, chocolate digestive biscuits and snickers bars.

Favorite Drink: Banana milkshakes, root beer (I'm starting to be American lol!) and most cocktails.

Favorite Animal: Palamino horses. When I was a child I loved horses and wanted to be one lol! Btw skunks smell disgusting! Someone hit one with a car near where we live and it reeked for days arghhhh...

My Computer: It's an AMD Athalon 800mhz (fricken fast!) with 400mb Ram, a Voodoo3 3500 TV graphics accelerator card, a DVD/CD Combi Recordable Drive and a WinTV Theatre card. I built it myself and there's not much I can't do with it except maybe make toast - um perhaps it does?

Internet Projects: I have 5 websites at the moment, well one is a Janet Jackson Top Site Chart so I'm not sure if that one counts. My most recent one is my DVD Top 20 website. It contains the most popular region 1 dvd's and some information explaining about dvd. You can purchase dvd's through this site - click here!

My Favorite Programs: For doing html and web design I use HotDog Professional 6. For logos I use Ulead Cool 3D. For creating and editing graphics or pictures I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and ACD See 4. I'm always aware of online security so I recommend everyone uses a firewall and the best one out there is Atguard 3. For online chat and communication I use ICQ.

Asleep My Dreams: My favorite dreams are when I can fly. I show off to everyone quite a lot as I'm the only one who can. I sort of flap my arms and it just happens lol! I wouldn't say I'm an exceptional flyer as I can only get about 100 metres from the ground but it still annoys everyone so much hehehe....I guess my nickname Superman suits me quite well after all!

Saying "I love you": Human beings can be very cruel. Some of the crimes we commit against each other are unforgivable. I believe the most hurtful and destructive crime of all is not being able to tell someone you love them when you do. Be careful, because you can miss the chance so easily as our lives can change in a moment and the opportunities to say it can vanish. We can leave someone unhappy for the rest of their lives because we never said those words. I remember a quote "It's not the words we say that hurt the most, it's the ones we don't say". If you love someone please tell them.

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