Here are some real live working websites designed by 1st Platinum Web Design.

Firstly we have the "DVD Top 20" website which is an information site about dvd. It is closely linked and similar in style to a website called "Playstation 2 Top 20" which is about the world's top video game console. Both these websites are online businesses with revenue being created by being affiliated to a major internet retail company.

The next called "Michael Jackson - Yana!" is a website about the world's top music superstar and it has a "sister" website called "Janet Jackson - An Escapade!" Both these websites could be described as fan sites but they also create revenue and have a lot of interesting features that can be incorporated into any website including a guestbook, a news forum, a chatroom... the list goes on. Take a look and see!


  • DVD Top 20

  • Playstation 2 Top 20

  • Michael Jackson - Yana!

  • Janet Jackson - An Escapade!

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