It is difficult to give a one-price for all websites, as every site varies in complexity. As a basic indication of our prices, we would quote $95 per page with a typical small business needing 3-5 pages.

The basic services you would get for this would be the following:

Professionally designed web page with custom text layout, pictures and several e-mail accounts.
1 year of web hosting on our server along with search engine submissions.

Of course these are the basics and our first step is to have a consultation to gather information about you and the kind of website you need. We would then offer a proposal outlining different website options. The amount of extras you can include on a website is wide ranging. Some examples would be having your own personal chatroom, forum and guestbook. We can even incorporate live news, daily cartoons and financial market information. We can give you the ideas and build a site to the level you need. We can even start you off with a basic site and expand it, as your budget allows.

Once you've decided what you want then your custom proposal would include an initial cost, and several pricing options to choose from.

Let us emphasize, a $95 website is possible if you want a page giving basic information, pictures and contact details. For this we can submit your site to the basic listing of the main search engines and we can host your site for a year. You decide the level you need and we will help you reach it.

Once we have designed a site for you, we normally charge an hourly rate of $8-10 if and when you need any updates.

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